“As a married couple raising two children through their teens and on to college, we have used North Way Counseling Services through the years on more occasions than we can count. We have sought counseling for teen-related issues, advice relating to college selection, adult stress management, post traumatic stress situation counseling, and marriage counseling. Through it all, North Way Counseling Services has been there like an old friend. We are not embarrassed to say that our entire family has worked with a counselor at one point or another. Often, the counselor has served simply as a third party objective opinion. Other times, the counselor has walked us through a time of crisis. Every counselor has given tangible tactics for us to use in our daily lives. The NWCS counselors want to get you well and whole again, not just make an appointment for the next week. If we have a problem in our family that we can’t work through ourselves, we say, ‘Do you want to talk to someone?’ Everyone knows that means a NWCS Counselor. Thank you North Way Counseling Services for helping our family.”

“I thought my husband and I were happily married for 23 years. Earlier this year my husband confessed that he has been having an affair for the past two years. I was totally crushed and kicked him out of the home. Our marriage was completely broken, and we thought divorce was the next step. I went to my pastor and he referred us to North Way Counseling Services. Our counselor helped us to realize that there was hope, and that God had plans for us to stay together.

The counseling sessions were very biblically challenging, and we stayed consistent with weekly sessions. Our counselor prayed with us and was honest; he didn’t tell us what we wanted to hear, he told us what we needed to hear. We have to say that the thoughts of divorce no longer exist. We started to date again, and the trust is rebuilding every day. Our goal is to become equally yoked as a couple. We know that our marriage could not have survived without placing Jesus Christ in the center. We are eternally grateful for the love and support that the Counseling Center staff gave us in our time of need.”

"My husband and I were happily married for 4 years. During our fifth year of marriage, several events transpired that drained the happiness from our marriage. We tried to deal with the issues on our own, but eventually we separated. Our marriage was totally broken, and we both had met with divorce attorneys. When I felt that I had no where else to turn, I sought help for myself at North Way Counseling Services. My counselor helped me realize that there was hope of putting my life back together. She recommended some very helpful resources, met with me weekly, and prayed with me during each session.

Through counseling I found the strength to give my marriage one more try, so my husband began attending counseling sessions with me. Our counselor was very honest with both of us; she didn't tell us what we wanted to hear, she told us what we needed to hear. She gave us suggestions and strategies to use during the healing process of our relationship. Ultimately, my husband and I rediscovered the love we had lost, and we have a better marriage now than we ever had before. We continue to use the strategies and resources that were recommended to us so that we can maintain a God-centered marriage. We are so thankful for the knowledgeable and caring staff of North Way Counseling Services. Our marriage would not have survived without your help!"

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